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  • Nick,

    Lots of things to try and learn about! I will probably just try a few other cards and have my eyes on an Atheros card a friend has.

    In any event, I found that my ClearOS boxes and the ones I have been setting up for my brother and nephew all use the Realtek 8168 NIC using the r8169 driver. So I updated things and all seems to be just fine. In googling the differences between the drivers i have found that most think it is minimal but that the 8168 driver, the one I went with, might be buggy.

    And, as I recall, drivers are compiled into the kernel, correct? When ClearOS updates its kernel down the road, won't this driver update disappear from the next upcoming kernel? Will things just revert back to the r8169 driver? As long as all works after a reboot with a new kernel released by the Clear team, no worries even with the r8169 driver. I guess we can always update it again. But, will this driver be made part of upcoming kernels?

    Tony, thanks for the info too on the server status of ClearOS. And other info!