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  • Trying out the latest business edition of clearOS, my purpose is to migrate active directory users and their policies to clearOS.
    I have installed “Active directory connector “,
    I get error on “Authentication Error”,
    The time are same on the both the server, dns names given to AD I can ping and it is able to resolve it

    I would like to trouble shoot and find the reason.
    I am checking the log file location, /var/log, did not see any change of files contents there
    How could I know what is happening during the authentication. It is neither showing at windows server or in clearOS machine
    Guidance and advice requested.
  • Why need different username and different email id for different section, for eg forum user id different than portal.this is bit complicated
    Finished the enterprise edition installation, now again trying to register. wrong password, I completely lost in remembering the differnt ids have registered.
    My Humble suggestion, why dont it be simple.
  • Hi All, I am Joseph John, trying to migrate active directory on 2012 to alternative solutions. I am going to try out CentOS enterprise edition.
    Happy to be a part of this group. Will post my experience as I advance