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  • Stefan Garthe wrote:

    ... I applied the kernel parameter to grub and rebooted. This solved the problem. The question is, will this remain effective after the enxt kernel update?

    Yup. The kernel upgrade uses the current grub entry as a template -- any custom parameters will be copied on an upgrade.

  • [quote]Paul wrote:

    But where do I put the gateway address? What do I do about the etc/firewall file? I seem to remember last time I tried this it didnt accept the gateway address in the ifcfg-br0 file. I know I can probably figure this out but wondered if anyone had done this so that I can just make the change once and hopefully not have to move the server. I should add that the server only has one NIC./quote]

    Until about two weeks ago, there was a rather fine manual on how to do this, something mentioning the words "inline" for some configuration. I used the method to get one-nic'ed systems running with it, especially for kvm cases too.

    The magic ingredient is one line in /etc/sysconfig/network

    The current howtos all miss this point, so I had to manually set a default gw. Luckily, one of the oldest linux commands I had to learn.
    ifconfig bro default gw ip.of.your.gateway

    In my opinion, having bridged ethernet on one-nic'ed servers is mandatory for most usecases. Same as installing on a lvm, kinda.

  • I have two questions here:

    1. Why not run ClearOS directly on the hardware?

    2. Does your board has pci passthrough support?
    The latter is quiet rare, although it became more common on recent hardware. I bought a dedicated server mainboard in order to use pci passthrough of a Fritzcard Fax PCI to a windows vm.
    Check here:
    The above link only tells half of the truth, I needed to pass a kernel command in grub.conf as well. Although I'd expect that to be set on a XenServer.

  • I'm running ClearOS on Avoton C2750. It's a Atom C2000 SOC. The C2750 has 8 cores running on 2,4 Ghz. Also this Supermicro motherboard has 4 lan connections. Really nice hardware.

    Intel® Atom™ Processor C2750


  • hmm, specs look OK for basic routing/small network file server if you throw 4GB of RAM at it :) Some people have used Atom based systems for home servers, don't expect fast bandwidth content filtering / mail server / anti-virus / proxy though

    But... as always it depends on what you want your server to do?

  • Did you run out of disk space?

  • Stefan Garthe

    I have ClearOS installed on a variety of boxen, some virtual, some real. I found that a lot of old, real graphic hardware is simply not supported in graphics mode. I usually use ctrl+alt+f2 on the fully booted system in order to switch to a normal terminal/console and hack away from there. You do not really get to do much with a monitor attached, either. Setting an IP is the fanciest thing you can do on the local graphical interface.

    In one case, the installer didn't even work on the real hardware and always failed with some stupid anaconda error. I installed the system on a different box and moved the HDs over to the real server. It is a server OS, meant for headless devices. I do not care so much.

  • I am surprised it was faster on a WXP machine with a 100Mbps card as 11.9MB/s is just a bit faster than a 100Mbps connection can handle.

    Have you tried the alternative driver, although I don't think it will necessarily improve anything?

    How were you using the WXP machine? Did you just share a folder?

    I know very little about samba tuning and many references on the internet are obsolete. One thing you can do is try turning on smb2. It may help for small files. Add the line:to /etc/samba/smb.conf. I've added it under a section called "# Other handy directives" but I may have added that as well! You may be able to reload samba with a "service smb reload". If not then you'll need to restart it.

    Another thing worth checking is for network errors:Are there many TX or RX errors?

  • Disk speed is fine and way faster than you are seeing in Samba. Network speeds look odd with one way slower than the other. I am no sure what is happening there. and you may need to investigate. Could it be a dodgy cable on either the transmit or receive pairings?

    Looking at your original post, you are running the 32-bit version of ClearOS and I can't compile drivers for that. However Tim has the sk98lin driver compiled here. You could download and install it then reboot the server. Check that ClearOS is now using the new driver with:If it is still using the sky2 driver, please post back as it may need blacklisting. I don't have a huge amount of hope for this but it is worth a try.

  • Hi Barry,

    You could create an IPSec VPN connection between the two sites and then the 2 LAN connections should be able to access each other.