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  • Connection error in Active Directory Connector

    Hello guys.

    I am trying to configure Active Directory Connector without possitive results.
    After many configuration changes, I got the following error:
    Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: Invalid credentials

    My Windows Server is 2008 R2 Standard, and ClearOS 7.. I have tryied with two admin accounts, but none of them works.

    I have tested DNS resolution both ClearOS and Windows for domain controller and server name, and everything works ok. In ClearOS the main DNS server is the Domain Controller that runs a DNS server. In AD DNS exist records for every name I used in the configuration.

    Connector Setting
    +Windows domain was validate
    +ADS Realm was validated (echo %userdnsdomain% in DC)
    +Domain controller is the full name for DC, that can be resolved locally in clearos

    Server settings
    +Server name: my ClearOS Server name, without domain name.
    +Server comment, a word with less tha 15 letters

    Administrator Accout
    +Pair user/pass that is domain admin in DC controller

    What is wrong?

    Thank you.

  • Rodolfo Torrado
    Rodolfo Torrado replied to a discussion, IDS looks like not working

    Hi Nick. Thanks for your advices!

    I could solve my issue. The point was IDS signatures were not installed: I did and solved the problem!

    About your question, the answer is yes, I need it. In any case I have hardened the access to my ClearOS using ssh, enabling some clauses like "AllowUsers" and "PermitEmptyPasswords" among others.

  • I commented on an earlier post regarding this very same issue, but after several days no responses so I thought I'd risk it and start a new thread on this subject.

    Having used one of the first ClarkConnect versions for years and having updated to one of the first ClearOS versions in about 2003 or 2004, (I think), and I have used this older version successfully at my home/office for many years. I just now upgraded my ClearOS to 6.6.0 final (the latest release I could locate), with the IPS/IDS installed. My old ClearOS/ClarkConnect would always block and set an IP in the blocked IP list for some kiddy scripts and sometimes something a bit more malicious. However, this new version with the free included rules/signatures never seems to block an IP or at least never shows any blocked IPs. Other than that, for my simple home office use, ClearOS 6.6.0 is working very well.

    Having checked the snort.php file, it appears to have changed significantly and trying the hack mentioned in an earlier post to add some php code at line 185 appears to not be a prudent thing to attempt.

    Has this been resolved? Again, there is a perception that something is not quite right. Basic blocking for common attacks should be working and should show the offending IP.

    It also appears that there are those that feel this should not even be a part of the installation or available in the store. Is it best to not even run these tools with the stock rules?

    Thanks for any information or thoughts.


  • Rodolfo Torrado
    Rodolfo Torrado started a new discussion, IDS looks like not working

    IDS looks like not working

    Hello guys.

    I have ClearOS 7.1. Checking my Events and Notification I could notice hundreds of events (warnings) about trying to log into my Clearos: many of the attemps looks like IP from China. Despite that, the IPS does not show any blocked IP. My question is: how do I know that this service is truly running and functioning well?

    In my old version (ClearOS 5) this service works very well, and IDS always listed the IP from intruders.