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  • Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the Welcome, but have been a user since 2006 ;-)

    Yeah, forgot about that...... the files on the different location is not Writeable for the users..... it is only supposed to be a mirror of the mainserver,

    Just looked at Owncloud..... maybe I am wrong, but it looks like more like a personally dropbox lookalike. It do not look like I can do a Administrator schedule mirror backup?

    Also I would later like to have backup of my clients, I know Backuppc can do this..... But would be nice to be able to do all backup in one App.

    I really like ClearOS, and have used it since Clarkconnect 3, but this is the first time where I dont feel ClearOS has an good solution.

  • Backup SW to backup server to external own server

    I have two Cos7-community servers, one server at the main office, and one at a remote office.

    The servers are connected with OpenVPN, so users at one office have access to the other office and viceversa.
    At each office i have another server running UnRaid file server.

    Here is what i need, i what to backup some of the folders on the UnRaid server at the Main office to the Unraid serer on the Remote office, so the users at the remote office can use the backupped files at the remote Unraid server, as there everyday files.

    I have looked at Backuppc, but it do not look like it can do what I want, becuase (I think), I am only able to set 1. Backup directory, furthermore the backupfolder is indexed with the Host as the upper folder name, and that will not be good for my clients using the folder at the Remote site. I could use Symblink at the remote site to make it look nice, but I dont think that this is the intention with Backuppc.

    I have read a lot of other threads i the forum, and I have seen some with the same needs, but the solutions are old and not clear.

    I also want something that cab be setup and administrated in a webgui, I need email alerts. It would be nice if the SW also had support for Backup of MySQL.

    I have looked at Bacula, it looks great, and is available in the centos-unverified repo, and seems to be updated regularly.

    I found a thread about SW called Affa Backup Server.
    It looks like it can do what, and fairly simple to configure, but have not been updated since 2012.

    I have also looked at Crasplan and Syncrify, but the cost money..... that is ok, but cannot find much information about them.

    I think Bacula will be best for my task.

    I would like Pros and Cons, and preferably link to How to for install/config on Cos7.