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  • Hi,

    I am trying to renew my let's encrypt certificate, but have been unable to do it, can someone please guide me through this.


  • Hi,

    I am in need of a bit of help, I have installed Owncloud, but am tying to move the location of the data. The default data is on the drive I use ClearOS, so I have added and mounted a new larger drive.

    As per the isntructions, I copied the data folder, including the .ocdata file (all files) to the new mnt/owncloud/ location. I then went on to edit the config.php file, and changed the location of the data. But I get an no .ocdata file error. If I check, the new location the file is there, as it was correctly copied.

    I did:

    sudo cp -r -v /var/clearos/owncloud/data /mnt/owncloud

    the config file I change the location to the new one which would be:


    Am I missing something here, I also read something relating a Bind, what is this, and how can I do this. If this is what is needed to finish the location change.

    Any help is welcome.


  • Hi, I have a couple of questions, I recently logged in to my dashboard to find the following warning : High swap memory usage, what does this mean exactly ???

    Another questions is why is clear os showing 2.94 Gb in available memory when the PC has 4Gb ??