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  • Chris Bedford
    Chris Bedford started a new discussion, Unreadable x-axis graph :(

    Unreadable x-axis graph :(

    The Bandwidth Viewer graph starts out all very well and good (att 1 - screenshot 2377)

    but then the time axis gets a bit more compressed (att 2 - screenshot 2378) and not so much, any more

    after a while the interval is recalibrated, which is great (att 3 - screenshot 2379)

    but eventually it settles to the scrambled version (att 4 - screenshot 2383) - which is not highly readable.

    Incidentally, the time displayed is also a "bit munged" - the actual time at capture of these screens was 18:xx local time or 16:xx GMT, so I dunno where the 15:xx times come from. And yes, System settings are correct (att 5 - screenshot 2387)

  • Chris Bedford
    Chris Bedford replied to a discussion, XBox Live & ClearOS

    Well here I am over 6 years later and I have a related problem... although definitely not the exact same one.

    Would anyone expect the procedure to be a requirement for Xbox *Live*, i.e. the online games component of Windows 10? My experience would indicate "not", but I don't know that much.

    For over a year I have been running MS Games under Win10 (until recently via Clear ver 6.something I think, now 7.3) and all was fine with Solitaire Collection and MahJong. Then suddenly about 2 weeks ago I started getting error messages trying to log in. The programs will allow me to continue playing as a "Guest", with no recording of results in the Cloud, but getting logged in to my Microsoft account is a no go. The three error messages received so far all indicate (in Microsoft's usual helpful fashion) that there is a network connectivity problem.

    I installed this gateway less than 2 months ago on a brand new Intel MoBo using the Community 7.3 64-bit ISO.

    It *is* possible log into my account on the website - it picks up the same Avatar picture and everything - but attempting to open the game app comes up with one of those errors every time I attempt to go through the Clear gateway.

    When I bypass the gateway and plug my PC directly into the DSL router, it goes in without hesitation. I can then put the gateway back in circuit and continue to play for some time - but after a day or so I'll be kicked out mid-game and told to log in, and the fun starts over.

    I have tried switching off every gateway function I can:
    - in Antimalware I switched off all 4 options: signature engine, heuristic engine, block ssl mismatch, and block cloaked urls
    - in gateway AV I disabled block encrypted files
    - under Intrusion Protection, attack detector I disabled all 4 options: postfix-sasl, proftpd, sshd, sshd-ddos
    - under Intrusion Protection, IDS I stopped the service
    - under Intrusion Protection, IPS I stopped the service

    Under the other configuration categories I can't see anything that might have any bearing on the issue. In Reports I can't see any events occurring at the times I try to connect to the xbox live service.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm kinda stymied.