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  • I noticed myself just the other day that ClearOS had SELlinux disabled. Everywhere you read discussions about SELinux you are always told to "never disable SELinux" because of the security it provides. ClearOS is suppsedly designed to be secure, so can somebody from Clear explain why SELinux being disabled is ok? Is there a plan to make the appropriate changes so that SELinux can be enabled?

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Ben, thank you for the instructions. I successfully reverted to 8.2.4. I got all of my devices synced up, then I took another backup, removed the exclude from yum.conf and tried a manual upgrade.

    The update ran and took a little while. And failed.

    The 2nd line in the log has a permission denied issue. The .htaccess file in /var/clearos/owncloud/data is owned by root and has a timestamp of the original failed upgrade from Aug 29. Not sure what might have happened there.

    The "Upgrade is not possible" error is related to incompatible or missing apps. The errors just before that appear to indicate that there was an error during the owncloud marketplace update, which looks like it was unable to process one of the applications, ultimately resulting in the "Upgrade is not possible" error.

    I can't tell what app is the problem. When I followed your instructions, there was nothing installed but the default applications, along with calendar and contacts. I initially coudn't login because the ldap connector app wasn't enabled. Once I enabled that, users could log in again. I guess I can revert again and disable all apps that aren't core (although I don't know what that will be as I never really enabled anything but calendar and contacts anyway).

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    According to the Owncloud 9 release notes, you can't skip the 9.0 upgrade if you want to migrate calendar and addressbook entries to the new CalDav and CardDav code that ships as a core function of owncloud. Apparently the migration of this data is in 9.0.x only, and not 9.1 or later versions. Does the move from 8.2.4 to 10.0.9 include the 9.0.x migration step as part of the upgrade?

    I just tried to revert to 8.2.4. Owncloud 8.2.4 won't run, presumably because of the php changes that went with owncloud 10 (there are php errors in syslog). Doing a yum remove owncloud-files only removes the app-owncloud, app-owncloud-core, and owncloud-files and leaves the php change intact. I guess I'll have to remove the php changes manually; hopefully that will revert everything back to php 5.4 (or whatever it was) and owncloud 8.2.4 will work again.

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    I don't have cos_occ market for some reason. I installed the calendar app manually via the browser. The problem is that the calendar data from 8.2.4 is gone after the upgrade to 10 and before the installation of calendar for 10. According to owncloud, upgrading from 8 -> 10 isn't supported.

    I would like to have the version 8 repo available. I am thinking that I will need to follow the upgrade path, 8.2.4 -> 9.x -> 10.0.9, export the database, wipe the upgraded install, re-install owncloud from ClearOS marketplace, then re-load the database.

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    I did install the ldap app, and users can once again log in. However, calendars and contacts are gone. All apps that aren't from the default owncloud installation are gone. I looked in the database, and there are no calendar or contact entries in there at all. The database appears to have been reset for all marketplace or 3rd party apps.

    Is there a way to wipe out owncloud and re-install 8.2.4, then try the upgrade again?

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Ok, looks like the upgrade is maybe only partially done?

    The app list:

    I did have the calendar and contacts apps in my 8.2.4 instance, but I don't see them here. Not even in the disabled list.

    I tried running the upgrade.

    here is the relevant output:

    I disabled the listed applications, and run the upgrade again. This time it was successful. However, I can only login with the admin user; all other users are gone. Also, the marketplace url is incorrect in /etc/owncloud/config.php, resulting in the "No marketplace connection" error in the above output. I changed it in the config from" target="_blank"> to and now the marketplace seems to be working.

    While this is progress, this is not good. All of my users are gone, and their calendar and contact lists with them.

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Yes, it is running:

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin replied to a discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Ben, thanks for the response. I ran the script:

    There are no apparent changes. The login screen is still showing maintenance mode.

    The /etc/owncloud/config.php shows version 9.0.2, which has apparently been the case since the first upgrade back on Aug 29.

    php -version still shows 5.4.16, although this may only be the case for the command line.

    There is a script. Should I be running that now?

  • DirkCassin
    DirkCassin started a new discussion, Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Owncloud 10 upgrade automatic?

    Turns out my ClearOS Home instance did an automatic upgrade to owncloud 10 on August 29th at 6:13am. Owncloud hasn't been working since then, although I only noticed today when I realized my calendars weren't syncing. Was this automatic upgrade an expected event? If so, it seems to have failed horribly. :(

    I'm only now trying to determine how to fix this, but the very first thing I tried leads me to believe this may be a long road:

    #sudo -u apache php occ app:list
    This version of ownCloud requires at least PHP 5.6.0
    You are currently running PHP 5.4.16. Please update your PHP version.

    The latest updates from the webconfig console show only ownloud related stuff. Owncloud 8.2.4 was removed on the 29th, but only owncloud-files-10.0.9 was installed. app-owncloud files were installed 2 days later.

    Owncloud httpd config files appear to be untouched, per timestamp.

    /usr/share/owncloud/version.php shows the following:

    Interestingly, the VersionCanBeUpgradedFrom shows 8.2.11, which was never supported by ClearOS that I know of. I had 8.2.4 before all of this happened.

    Yum logs from August 29th show a combination of php 7.0 and 7.1 files being installed along with some php 5.6 files as well (and the owncloud stuff). My php environment remains 5.4, so nothing works. I am at a loss for finding any logs relating to any scripts/installation/upgrade that was actually run after these files were installed.

    Loading owncloud in a browser shows the maintenance screen.

    Fortunately, I was able to dump my owncloud database to a sql file.

    So, any advice on where to begin with fixing this? I doubt that I could just nuke everything owncloud and install current version from the repo. I am well aware that one is supposed to follow a specific upgrade path with owncloud (version x.1 to y.5 to z.4), so I'm certain that I couldn't just install version 10 and expect it to work with my database data from version 8.



  • Nick, thanks for the update!