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  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Clearcenter Password

    Clearcenter Password

    Is there another way to get ahold of the people at clearcenter? I tried to get into my acct and its telling wrong password. Ive never changed it. Tried lost password and its not sending me anything. Tried the messaging and the bots are as helpful dog crap.

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Plugins Folder

    Plugins Folder

    I dont remember where the Serviio plugins folder is.
    Can anyone point me there?


  • Truenas looks pretty good. The other two appear to be geared for amd processors. Im running a dell server with dual intels.

  • The truenas looks good. The other two appear to only be made around amd processors Im running dell server with dual intels.

    Bryan Guidroz wrote:

    First, I ended up choosing to extend my subscription with ClearOS for one more year because I haven't found an alternative and worked all the details out yet. But, I've made good progress.

    At first, I was looking at NethServer, but, it seems to have similar issues as ClearOS. I got a bad vibe after looking at it for a bit. I may be wrong, but just didn't sit well with me related to support and the like.

    So, for everything except the firewall, TrueNAS has really impressed me. I've been playing around with the free version and, after following some guides, looks like it can handle all my nextcloud, OpenVPN, etc. needs. Once you understand how it works, it's actually pretty straight forward and very impressive. On my small test setup, I'm running 3 VM's and a nextCloud instance without any issues. I didn't understand how it worked at first, but googled for some "step by step" guides and it all made sense.

    I'll have to run the firewall on a seperate machine (or maybe a VM in TrueNAS if I can figure that out... not even sure if possible.) But, so far, OPNsense is looking really good. Next would be pfSense. Those are the two I'm going to look at first.

    I'm going to always keep my eye on ClearOS. I loved this platform. They did such a great job with everything. If they can get their stuff together, I'll switch back right away. But until then, looks like it's time for something new.

    Hope this helps.


  • Bryan Guidroz wrote:

    Just got a notification that my subscription expires in 30 days. I doubt I'll be renewing. I think this is the end of my 15+ year relationship ClearOS. Time to find an alternative. It's been fun.
    What other software platforms like Clear are out there?

  • This is really sad. Ive been with this software since the clarkconnect beginning.
    What other platforms are out there like this?

  • I had a major hard drive failure that trashed my raid so
    i had to do a reinstall. Im at the registration screen now and its refusing my username and password. I know they are correct I was just logged into my account last week with these credentials.
    I hit the link for lost password and its not taking my email that I know is correct. I hit the live support icon and someone came on asking what clear phone I purchased and the number
    W T F
    Im stuck until this is resolved. I dont know anywhere else to get help on this

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Webapp


    I logged into Zarafa webapp from my phone and noticed it is NOT mobile friendly at all. Is there and update or a way to make it kobile friendly for a phone

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Unzip

    What the hell. I didnt even know it but there like 6 repositories that were toggled off. now how the hell did that happen

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Unzip


    Is the app unzip still in the respository? Its not installing