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  • Unable to Install ZARAFA From Marketplace

    I have been using Clearos 6 and thought I would give 7 a try. Installed Clearos 7 community and I am unable to install Zarafa. I have been using Zarafa since it was setup for Clearos 6 and I paid for it at that time. Is this the way it is and I have to start paying $25 a year to get it back? If so, I'll be going back to Clearos 6.

  • Kevin Farmer
    Kevin Farmer updated their profile
  • I could not resist tinkering and I've split the file into two:

    File 1 - place in /etc/cron.daily and make executable:

    File 2 - place in /etc/clearos/firewall.d/, call it something like 10-ET_IP_Blocks and make it executable:

    Significant changes on the initial program:
    1 - Updates nightly without restarting the firewall
    2 - loads ip_set module if necessary
    3 - allows logging to be turned off
    4 - stop echoing to screen (otherwise cron sends you a message every time the program runs)
    5 - quietened down various commands using inbuilt features rather than redirecting to /dev/null
    6 - The firewall logs blocked packets to /var/log/messages

    Prerequisites: you must have wget and ipset installed.

    Stupid forum killing tabs! If you want to see the indenting, hit quote and copy from that.

    [edit 25 Frb 14]
    Small code fix