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  • Whilst not strictly on-topic, another problem with BackupPC is using rsyncd, get ping error like in:

    This is a bug in the BackupPC

    This has undef PingPath configuration:

    $Conf{PingPath} = undef;

    Replacing this with /bin/ping does the trick:
    $Conf{PingPath} = '/bin/ping';

  • Hi Fred,
    I can confirm your observation.

    However, your fix only seems to work until the next reboot.
    If your commands are run again, BackupPC will once again run (!).

    At this stage, I'm not too fussed, as I rarely need to reboot ClearOS.
    However, it is good engineering design a server doesn't need skilled intervention to start it correctly, so this needs to be eventually fixed.

    I also found the Main Configuration Editor had errors:
    Error: No save due to errors
    Error: Bzip2Path must be a valid executable path

    The open a command window (as root) and run the following commands:

    Errors go away.

    Looks like the installer needs to be fixed and the dependencies updated to include bzip2.

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