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  • Hi folks! I'm in a bit of trouble. My ClearOS system that has been running for YEARS (6.9) just died. I've moved the system main drive to a newer computer, and its booting up ok. However, the screen (after showing the splash screen) says "Starting ClearOS API.." and then nothing happens. I did have a uuid mounted external drive, and if I restart I can get into the maintenance prompt, and I see that drive is actually mounted. I think the disks are ok.

    It is a different system, and ifconfig shows no network up. I'm betting that my network interface on the new pc isn't supported by the kernel for ClearOS 6.9... Does that prompt indicate some sort of network check underway? I realize I should have updated LONG ago, but you know the old adage, if it ain't broke... could use some help, this system is used to run a large amateur radio stations and there's lots of angry villagers, with torches...
  • New question: How can I save my user IDs, flexshares and group assignments from ClearOS 6 and move to ClearOS 7? Is there a tool for migrating?