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Just did a clean install of ClearOS 7.5 with Roundcube Marketplace version to prepare migration of my current ClearOS 6 system (community versions, home use).
I saw Roundcube version 1.2.3 is the current version for ClearOS 7.5. As Roundcube itself is a the edge of version 1.4 I was just curious if upgrading was possible.
To my surprise the basic stuff on Roundcube 1.4-beta on ClearOS 7.5 just seems to work well. I can logon with my CLearOS users, I still receive mails and only for sending mail I had to put the smtp port new 1.4 default back from 587 to 25. Even filter/sieve plugin seems to work. Now I can get my beloved widescreen 3 column view layout in Roundcube.
Does somebody knows reasons not to do it, e.g future ClearOS Roundcube official upgrades, or something else ?
Friday, February 08 2019, 01:56 PM
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