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Hello World,

I have just installed the latest version of ClearOS. I am attempting to connect locally on my LAN only for testing purposes. I am using outlook and everytime I attempt to connect i keep getting a connection error.

I am following the following docs:

My question is does anyone have a link or can provide me with settings for testing the mail server locally on my LAN.

I have watched youtube videos and I'm still experiencing connection issues.

Thanks for all responses
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Monday, January 13 2020, 04:12 AM
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Monday, January 13 2020, 09:21 AM - #Permalink
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Is ClearOS set to Standalone mode? If so you have to have your connection to your LAN configured as External.

Can I suggest you start with a different e-mail client such as Thunderbird to check e-mail connectivity is working, then switch to Outlook as Outlook is a bit more picky. Connection should be straightforward. I would connect with IMAP and SMTP and avoid SSL initially, but note that Outlook and Thunderbird default your username to your e-mail address. This is incorrect. It should be everything to the left of the "@" only.

If you switch to SSL connections (IMAPS and SMTPS or STARTTLS) then Thunderbird will give you a one-off certificate warning which you have to accept for each service. I believe Outlook gives it every time you start. To avoid this warning you need to use a genuine, not self-signed, certificate. You can use Let's Encrypt certificates for this and there is HowTo which covers setting this up.
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    Monday, January 13 2020, 03:16 PM - #Permalink
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    Thank you so much. You are absolutely correct. Outlook and Thunderbird both added the entire email address. Once I fixed it manually I was able to connect.

    Once again, many thanks.
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