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Here is what we know now:
1) The Minebox product is going to be renamed to ClearSHARE and will be a core component of the upcoming ClearNODE project.
2) Your current HPE Microserver hardware will be compatible with ClearSHARE moving forward.
3) ClearCenter, when ready, will help you migrate your Minebox to become a ClearSHARE box.

Here is what we don't know:
1) Siacoin mined to date and current stored data on your Minebox might not carry forward to the ClearSHARE product.
Thursday, January 11 2018, 09:31 PM
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    Sunday, January 21 2018, 12:51 PM - #Permalink
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    Thanks for sharing. I want more teasers!!!! ;)

    So ClearSHARE (MineBox) while not be part of ClearOS, but be part of ClearNODE? The blog post on ClearCenter is talking about integration into ClearOS... So the question arise what is ClearNODE? I subscribed as beta tester on the ClearNODE site!
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