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Ralf Funk
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I would like to know if there is support for time-based content filtering? I could not find any so far.
(I think this questions belongs here, since I can mark it as "Feature Request". Correct me if it does not belong here.)

Useful for this example scenario: strict filtering during work hours, lax filtering during breaks (but not without filtering).
The current Web Access Control grants time based access to the proxy in general, but in my company I need proxy access at all times for all users, but with different levels of filtering for different time periods for different users.

Dansguardian already has some support for this: I can add a line with "#time: 7 0 17 0 01234" to the file of banned sites or urls to restrict access to Mo-Fr from 7-17.
I experimented with these settings based on this post:
It seems to work, but the configuration has to be done outside of ClearOS and cannot even be visualized inside the ClearOS webconfig GUI (at least I could not find it there).

So, my question is if there is support for this time-based content filtering, or if there are any plans to add it.

Related (but really old) questions I found:

In these questions one suggestion is to use a cronjob to swap/edit dansguardian config files according to the time of day.
But this again is a solution outside of ClearOS.
Wednesday, January 10 2018, 02:41 PM
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