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I still have a ClearOS 5.2 SP1 server in production, it is working fine.

I've generated a few virtual hosts from my domain ie.:, and so on.

When i try to enter with HTTP only, all Vhosts works OK.

When i try to enter with HTTPS, ie., the browser shows the certificate warning dialog... and then opens the main domain page (/var/www/html) it looks like virtual host is not working over HTTPS. I have SSL Enabled set to true in the web server option of the webconfig.

These are my first steps with SSL certificates. How can i do to enable SSL access to my virtual host sites?

Thanks you
Saturday, April 02 2016, 09:41 PM
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Monday, April 04 2016, 02:45 PM - #Permalink
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In the not too distant past, only one HTTPS/SSL site was permitted per IP address. In other words, every secure web site needed its own IP.

Support for multiple HTTPS/SSL sites on one IP was added to web browsers and operating systems over the years (via Server Name Indication (SNI), but there was one very important hold out -- Windows XP. Well... Windows XP was retired, so support for SSL on virtual hosts was added in ClearOS 7.
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