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Good day community,
I have a problem where my login details for file sharing are not permitting me login anymore, I have tried resetting the password but I still cannot login to my filesharing server, (samba, flexshares). When I checked my logs there is some activity that is not originating from me or my brothers login details. Please could you look at the upload and advise on what I need to do, been trying to change settings but I might be doing more damage so I figured I ask the community for help esp identifiying root login Ivan sudo, sudo did exist prior to the problem starting and what it is.
Tuesday, April 30 2019, 10:02 AM
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    Tuesday, April 30 2019, 10:26 AM - #Permalink
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    The "User root logged in via sudo" and "User root logged out via sudo" are spam from ClearOS. If it is not a new installation, if you bring CelarOS up to date, those messages should go away. Otherwise, if it is a new system, it is currently the intention to release 7.6 tonight to Business and Home users and also new installations of Community, at which point the messages should go away.

    All these messages are are the webconfig requesting root access to the system for a single command. It keeps repeating it for every command it is issuing.

    Do you have separate ClearOS machines as Domain Controller and File Server?
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