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I am looking into some options to setup Samba Directory Server on our ClearOS 7 Gateway to authenticate users on ClearOS and Linux workstations against our Active Directory server as a Member Server. For example, we currently have ClearOS in Gateway Mode. We installed and initialized Samba Directory Server. However, we want the Samba Directory to use AD's User's and Groups to allow users to authenticate via SSH and the Web Console with Users and Groups from AD and not users in Samba Directory. We don't want to manage any users in Samba Directory only in AD.

Is Samba Directory the right approach or do we need to find a way to join ClearOS to AD without Samba Directory Server?

The goal here is the following:

Manage all users and groups within Microsoft Active Directory
Have ClearOS be a "Member Server" to Microsoft Active Directory
Allow all Linux computers to join Active Directory through ClearOS assuming this is the right approach when making ClearOS a Member Server to Microsoft Active Directory
Allow OpenVPN users to authenticate using Active Directory (OpenVPN runs on ClearOS)
WIndows computers can join Microsoft Active Directory directly

If there is a better way, I am interested in learning those options.
Thursday, November 19 2015, 12:31 AM
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