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I made my first install a few month ago. with Raid5 (3 HD).
I get one more hard drive and (after a full data backup) create a Raid 10 on install from scratch.
From the GUI on station, I see the Raid unit (on Storage/storage Manager)
But, when I click on show details, I'm can't mount it.
On server, :
mdadm --detail /dev/md127 

The creation date is Nov 9th at 16:03 !
And Resync status : 20% complete.

I run, on same PC, an install from scratch for another NAS software (Rockstor, also with Centos 7) and with the same config Raid 10 the raid drive was ready after the end of install ...

Could you explain how could I create FASTER my raid on ClearOS ...
Or should I create it from server console ???
and with which parameters ?

But, on server, I can acces to the directory /Data Which is the raid10 array. I can create a text-test.file.
On Installation, I don't select Flexshare. I use only a smb.conf
The install process create directory /store ... which I don't use.
Is it a valid choice ?

Tuesday, November 10 2020, 12:45 PM
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    Tuesday, November 10 2020, 09:25 PM - #Permalink
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    If you have used automatic partitioning, then /store may have most of your space in the LVM. You'd need to check. If you have not used the LVM, then it is also a valid place to create your shares.

    The concept of /store is so that you can place your data into it and then bind mount from there into the normal folder e.g flexshares go under /var/flexshare/shares. You could create a folder /store/myshares and bind mount it into /var/flexshare/shares. Then the flexshare app will physically put its folders under /store/myshares, but to the flexshare app they will still appear under /var/flexshare/shares. There is more documentation in the knowledgebase., I think using the key word "storage"
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