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Hi Everyone

Users/Clients connected by Open VPN to COS can´t see networks connected by IPSEC VPN in the same COS. How can I do to they see each other?

I try with:
- EXTRALANS - clearos/network.conf
- PUSH ROUTES - openvpn/clients.conf

I would appreciate your comments.

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Wednesday, December 01 2021, 09:11 PM
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    Wednesday, December 01 2021, 09:38 PM - #Permalink
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    The problem is really IPsec. You need EXTRALANS for OpenVPN to cover the IPsec subnet. This adds a route for OpenVPN to push traffic from the client to the remote IPsec subnet via the server. You also need an extra tunnel in IPsec for the OpenVPN subnet ( by default) to the remote subnet.

    There is a trick you can pull to just use a single IPsec tunnel. If you move the OpenVPN subnet to adjacent to your LAN, you can route the larger subnet in a single tunnel definition. As an example, my LAN Subnet is I changed my OpenVPN subnet (in /etc/openvpn/clients.conf) to Then, in IPsec, for my local subnet I used which routed the LAN and OpenVPN through the tunnel. Be careful of your subnetting. Had I used for OpenVPN, I would have had to route through the IPsec tunnel.
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