Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently facing an issue with my MySQL server connection in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). When attempting to connect to the MySQL database from SAP Analytics Cloud, I'm encountering an error that's preventing successful data retrieval.

Error Message: "Unable to establish a connection to MySQL server with SAP Analytics Cloud . "

I have already checked the server configuration, credentials, and network settings, but the problem persists. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!
Thursday, July 27 2023, 10:08 AM
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    Thursday, August 17 2023, 05:44 AM - #Permalink
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    Based on your description, connecting SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to MySQL can involve several layers of communication that can cause issues. You must review them again and follow the steps carefully.
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