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Hi all

I´m facing some situations where I would need to deploy 2 different servers for the same location and I´m wondering if its possible to integrate both servers.

The idea is to use one server for firewall/gateway/proxy etc and authentication and the other for some ERP like applications and smb file hosting

Basically the hardware for the applications server would be new and the other one would be the one currently used, which is not the fastest or must current setup.

So the question is, would I be able to integrate one COS 7 into another COS 7? I guess the biggest chalange is users being synced as the rest of the configs would be individually configured, or am I missing something?

Hopefully I wont have to find some other distro to integrate to the setup via ldap or something else

I know there is an app for master slave sync, but from the description it seems like its meant for separate locations, and frankly for me the cost is too high for a server that is sitting right next to the main server. I´m not in the US and right now the exchange ratio to the US Dollar and extra local taxes makes the prices a little too high.

Wednesday, March 30 2016, 01:42 PM
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    Saturday, April 02 2016, 04:49 AM - #Permalink
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    I tried to deploy this but I must say it's in a home environment. I indeed used the app master slave sync. I think only a developer or support can give a good answer to your question.

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