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Hi everyone,

First off - I only discovered ClearOS this weekend and am amazingly impressed !

Second - as the above will indicate, I am therefore an extremely new newbie and my Linux experience up until now is practically non-existent, so please be gentle with me and if any CLI work is required to resolve the below query could you please detail instructions in full - otherwise I WILL get lost. Thank you so much.

So here's my query...
I have the Windows Networking section setup and Windows PCs joined to the domain, being run solely from ClearOS.

Is it possible to enable different groups of users, or individual users, access to a Flexshare with different access rights (like the Security permissions in Windows Server).

If I wanted Group A to have full Read / Write / Delete permissions
Group B should have Read / Write permissions but should not be able to delete
Group C should have Read only rights
And maybe even a Group D which can list the directory but does not even have Read access to open any documents

So far I can only see the Owner option within the Web Portal to select a single group, and then only two options under the Permissions option to have either Read Only or Read / Write access.

PS. I am running the latest version of ClearOS, downloaded this Saturday :)

Many thanks for any help / suggestions.
Monday, November 15 2010, 04:22 PM
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    Thursday, May 21 2020, 08:31 PM - #Permalink
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    A 10 year old post which didn't even become a thread.

    The flexshare model is not set up that way. There is a way of using ACL's with flexshares but I've never looked into it. The closest we may get to what you want is if you enable Third Party Access, but this is for all users and not just a single group.
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    Thursday, May 21 2020, 06:12 PM - #Permalink
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    I'd like to bump this thread cause I have a similar situation. In my case I have a directory called media and the group owner as local with full read write, what I'd like if possible everyone in the local group with read only access and another group I created sysops to have full read & write

    Is this possible with out altering the SMB global config and not breaking flex shares ?
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