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Howdy all,

Got a compromised box running Clear 6.9 and Zarafa community 7.0.15. We managed to get the box responsive but it is not trusted and I've reloaded another with similar hardware and plan to swap out the hard drives into the untrusted box. I've gotten most everything configured and believe the Zarafa restore should be pretty straight forward of replacing the database with the mysqldump of the existing and copying the attachments over to /var/lib/zarafa.

My question is for the mail archive. I know I can manually archive for the last couple of weeks and copy the mail archives over to the new box at /var/clearos/mail_archive. Is there anything I need to do or get from the old box before I try to access the archives from the new box?

Appreciate the thoughts/concerns.
Monday, May 13 2019, 08:04 PM
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