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So again, new here, so try not to trash me too bad! I've searched on this topic, and found things about moving the home drives, and something about a mount bind command that could be used with the home directories and a flexshare drive. But the conversation was way over my head so I'm not sure it that's what could be done or not.

Basically, I want the admins to be able to map a drive (flexshare?) on their win 7 stations, to the /home folders. So if an employee leaves, can't find something, someone's out of the office, etc. someone can have access to the home folders of all employees. I'm not sure if the mount bind thing was creating an alias to the /home folders, or moving them, or what exactly. So any advice would be appreciated!
Friday, July 21 2017, 11:34 PM
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    Wednesday, August 09 2017, 10:07 PM - #Permalink
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    Thanks! I'll have to give that a try!
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    Tuesday, August 08 2017, 04:15 PM - #Permalink
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    Nick is right. I've done this for most (quite all) my flexshare and this is the unique way to make this works for all flexshare options specialy FTP.
    If you need only samba you could just edit : /etc/clearos/flexshare.conf
    this way
    <Share homes_admin>
    ShareDescription=home for admins
    # ShareDir=/var/flexshare/shares/homes_admin
    # prevent a bindmount but do not works for FTP due to chroot
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    Saturday, July 22 2017, 07:50 AM - #Permalink
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    Mount bind does not move files. It is closer to a symlink, but a symlink would allow you to view everything under the symlink alongside other items where you've placed the symlink. Mount bind "fools" the filesystem into thinking that, in your case, the contents of /home is actually directly in the flexshare. It will also still be accessible from /home. Have a go. Create a flexshare for your admins (don't put anything in it for the moment as it will disappear) then issue the command from the command line:
    mount --bind /home /var/flexshare/shares/{your_share} 
    to reverse it do:
    umount /var/flexshare/shares/{your_share}
    To make it permanent you need to edit /etc/fstab and the line will look a bit different.

    I am not sure how well this will play with permissions. You'll have to play. Check that any file placed in someone's home folder by the admin can be seen, read and written to by the user. It may not be writeable.

    Alternatively you can create a normal samba share of /home. This would be outside the flexshare system but it uses the same underlying package and would have the same permission problems.
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