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I'm a really new user on NAS like on LAN and "Share".
So, I want install/run a NAS for share my datas at home/local network for my PC/TV/phone.
It is a private network. My ISP Box has its own Firewall like a DHCP server.

So I don't see shared directory from the NAS to the others "stations"

About myself: I used debian for about 10 years like a workstation. I know command line, and a few technical setting on debian.
RedHat ... I used it before debian and know there are differents tools for lot of features.
Anyway, Considere and be sure ... I am a noob.

Here is a complete way I did for ClearOS 7.7 installation.

Information hardware :
HP microserver Gen10
OS : SSD 120go (on sata port 1)
Datas : 1st HDD SATA 1*4To (on SATA bay)
Mirror (NOT RAID) : 2nd HDD SATA 1*4To (on SATA bay)
May be a second set of 2 * 500Go for specific datas (ie : emails backup)

SSD & HD are really new one

Software (OS) ClearOS
My step for install ClearOS :
Boot USB... then Install
Host name & Network setup :
Change Network to Manuel etc.
IPv4 Yes
System drive installation :
/sda Automatic partition
Start install
Set Admin password
... Wait...

On local : setup network
Login / password
Parameters : Standalone
Interface : Connexion = static
On local : disconnect
External (web console) :
connect on
Set or check ...
Private server
Community Edition
Check/install update
set Internet domaine - Hostname - Hostname internet (all the 3 with the same data).
Date/Time : set
Market place : New user - Select
Plex & Flexshare download/install

On Putty console:
yum install app-storage
yum install app-samba
yum install owncloud

On Web console :
Refresh (shift F5)
Cloud update

So, Now setup my data disk. (HD1 = sdb)
On the stockage manager then "Bind Directories Mappings" sub-windows ...
Source Mount Point : /Datas/Documents which I had created on my system drive.
I set the target to the /dev/sdb1/Datas/Documents

No error on screen during these process.

But nothing is visible on another workstation.
On this debian workstation (nautilus), I "browse the net", I see only the ISP Box (named LiveBox) and Windows network.
But nothing in and nothing else.

So, Please, what I forgot ? where is my mistake ?
Is there someboby could give some advices ?

Thursday, January 30 2020, 11:06 AM
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    Friday, January 31 2020, 11:28 AM - #Permalink
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    Thanks Nick for your answer.
    I will print as soon as I will get a message ... for be sure to save .
    And I have to stay quiet.

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    Friday, January 31 2020, 09:51 AM - #Permalink
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    I'm asking the question about the missing posts. I know both Marcel and I replied. There was a transition on the forum a couple of weeks ago and perhaps a bug has been hit.

    Marcel's reply was something along the lines of "use the Marketplace to install the apps". You'll need the Windows Networking app (which you already now have, app-samba) and the Flexshare app.

    My reply was that if you wanted to use your data disk for your shares and homes, you may want to bind folders on your data disk to /var/flexshare/shares and /home, but move any subfolders first or they will disappear (they have not been deleted. If you unbind, they will appear again).

    Please can you have a look at your notification e-mails for the exact posts? I've deleted my one with Marcel's reply and I don't get notified of my own replies.
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    Friday, January 31 2020, 09:09 AM - #Permalink
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    Whaou !

    There was some replies ... there was gone ! ?
    I have acces to posts but I can login only through the reply button.
    Forum is buggy ?

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