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I'm using ClearOS 7.8, I've installed the webserver app, then enabled a website, but noticed it defaults to /var/www/html and there is no way to change it via the GUI. I'd like to use sub-folder /hp, so I edited flex-443.conf to point to that folder and after restarting apache this all worked well. However, I noticed that in the GUI the folder displayed is still /var/www/html. If I click save, the settings are all overridden and I have to edit the file again. I'm not sure where is this base path taken, I've checked both httpd.conf and ssl.con, I have the default document root replaced everywhere? Is there some other place where I can change the default dir for the websites?
Saturday, August 14 2021, 09:03 PM
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    Saturday, August 21 2021, 08:53 PM - #Permalink
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    Unfortunately if you fight flexshares (and websites), you will probably lose. Any manual changes you make will get overwritten next time yuo update the flexshares or websites. I saw somewhere it is is best not to use the default website apart from a minimal landing page (or a redirect). Instead, perhaps use the default website for your basic domain name e.g Then use additional websites for subdomains such as These go into folders under /var/www/virtual and it is best to chose the default sandbox folder layout.
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