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My old ClearOS 5 gateway has a LAN IP address of I am setting up a new CleaOS 7.2 Gateway system. Its WAN is temporarily connected to the LAN of the old system.

In order for DNS to work, I had to set the new system's LAN IP address to

When I put the new system into operation then I would like to change its LAN IP address to as well.

I had tried changing it through the menu but the firewall stopped passing anything.

My question is therefore, in what places do I have to change the IP address so that it takes effect everywhere?

I imagine that the Content Filter needs fixing also.


Thursday, August 18 2016, 12:09 PM
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    Thursday, August 18 2016, 04:51 PM - #Permalink
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    You can't have the LAN and WAN on the same subnet and pass traffic, as you've found. If you do as you did then replace your 5.2 server, the WAN should get a new IP and the firewall will start passing traffic.

    FWIW, and are best avoided as LAN subnets if you can help it.
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