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Hi master,
I newbie here.. hope not double topic

I just bought clearos 7 Home Essential when I installed on my computer everything works fine, but when I install my 3rd party that I installed on my previous clearos 6 the problem cane out, it turn out the 3rd software that I have not support for the name of interface eno because in clearos 6 with the name of interface eth0 / eth1 works fine.

I need guide for rename the interface on clearos 7 for install my 3rd purpose, I have already tried to change that with guide for centos 7 and ubuntu 16 .. but it doesn't works.

Thanks for help me
Saturday, September 23 2017, 12:14 PM
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Saturday, September 23 2017, 02:31 PM - #Permalink
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I am not sure if it needs a re-install, but this is the RedHat document saying how to do it. I've never tried it. There is also a program called ifrename but I don't know if it works on the FC/RHEL/Centos/ClearOS lineage.

More stuff here and here.
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    Saturday, September 23 2017, 08:32 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks man.. not wrong person I asked to you..
    After I get recommended guide from you I choose 2 link from RedHat and IBM support.. and Violaa... the interface name of my ClearOS 7 now has change to eth0 & eth1 even after rebooted!! great bro..! ;)
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