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Middle of the night an emergency alert blares (Just like EBS) and comes with "00004372-15548 please ignore". You have to hit OK for it to go away. I thought it was odd. Asking on social media if any other Tmobile users got a late night EBS, nobody did. I called Tmobile and they validated they couldn't find this code, and didn't issue any alerts at this time or date.

Is this a new possible malware or code execution tactic? This came over the top of my locked screen. I could neither screenshot or get it to go away without pressing on OK. It's EXTREMELY suspicious that Tmobile says they have NO idea what's going on. I need to find out what the code means or how this happened. It's grounds for FCC involvement, and I need the security of knowing I'm not being spied on, as any customer would.

I DO NOT know a damn thing about code and not even sure I'm asking in the right place. Just chose best option from choices given on this site. Or, maybe someone can direct me to who/where I should ask this at CLEAR, because if it's something new, ya'll need to know about it.
Monday, August 01 2022, 11:03 PM
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    Monday, August 01 2022, 11:48 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi Elle, This is built into all phones using the GSM Network worldwide. The message you received would have come from your local area. It is a type of Amber Alert. No need to worry.

    PS. This site is for ClearOS Server Community Support. If you need ClearOS Mobile or ClearPHONE support you should use the ClearCARE Support app on your phone or head to
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