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We are now exploring web servers.
We have one public IP address, and have initially set up our ClearOS with two network cards. One for External, with the public IP adress as static IP, and one for LAN with DHCP from the ClearOS.

When we set up a web server that should be accessed from the Internet, we also get onto the question of security.

We do not want to put the web server on our LAN, and open ports to it, because we think that is to risky.

The question is what we should do. I understand we can set up a DMZ, use 1:1 NAT or a HOT-LAN.

Currently we have only one public IP. I would like to be able to VPN to the ClearOS gateway on the public IP, so I am not sure that would work with 1:1 NAT?

It might be that we get a small range of public IP's later on, but it might also be that we just have to take turns on the one we have.

What is the purpose/difference of the different functions (1:1 NAT, HOT-LAN and DMZ), and which should we select in our case? We have added an extra network card.

Thanks in advance!
Monday, April 11 2016, 11:37 AM

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