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Hello everyone.
I have Clear OS installed on Dell tower, works well. If I buy 1 year of this subscription, will it let me block/filter things like porn, buttorent, ftp, IRC? Is there a discount for a charter school?
Thank you
Tuesday, September 07 2021, 09:29 PM
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    Wednesday, September 08 2021, 07:54 AM - #Permalink
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    There is a discount for Education, Government and NFP organisations for ClearOS subscriptions. I don't know if that applies to the GM package. Please contact for more information.

    There is a free 1 month trial subscription got GM. All you need to do is activate it. GM for big organisations works best with the default mode set to Allow only the Good and with Don't Talk to Strangers (DTTS) activated. It will cause a bit of noise at the beginning as you will get a number of unblock requests, but it will settle down.

    DTTS blocks any traffic which goes straight to an IP address without doing a DNS lookup so it good a blocking P2P and quite a lot of other unwanted traffic.

    I don't think it will block FTP if is is done by FQDN unless you are in Allow only the Good mode. This can be blocked at the firewall level or using the Protocol Filter.

    Note that if you use Active Directory, there is a particular set up you need for GM using a Rainbow/Forwarder list. Please check the GM docs (the sloping book icon at the top right of the webconfig page) for more info. It is quite easy to set up.
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