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Hello everyone! Can someone please help me on how to use ClearOS? I'm completely no prior knowledge on how to configure ClearOS. My professor asked me to use ClearOS as a firewall and I will demonstrate it in the class by its features like bandwidth control of a device, as well as the blocking of certain websites, btw I downloaded the ClearOS Community version and installed it on a vmware workstation. I was also able to install the qos bandwidth manager and a network map in the markerplace but I don't know how to get to show my devices connected to the internet connection of our house.
Monday, December 07 2020, 09:05 AM
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    Tuesday, December 15 2020, 08:55 AM - #Permalink
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    - Unfortunately the Network Map is a third party app and it was written in a way that it was assumed you'd map a device to a user, so user accounts are required.
    - There is no way of bandwidth limiting by device. There used to be an app for it, but it was replaced by a QoS app. This is very different and it tries to optimise the available bandwidth among all devices using 7 priority levels. This has the advantage that when the bandwidth is not in use, low priority devices can take all of it. This uses the logic "What is the point of limiting devices when the bandwidth is not otherwise needed". The old app-bandwidth which could limit machine bandwidth would need updating to bring it into line with the current kernel and there are no plans to do this. If someone in the community wants to take it on, great.
    - You need to think about your networking. The ClearOS LAN needs to connect to an access point. This can be done with a separate wireless NIC in ClearOS, or, more flexible, a Wireless Access Pointed connected to the ClearOS LAN. If you use a router for this, it is recommended to turn off the router's DHCP server and give it a static LAN IP address on the ClearOS LAN subnet, then connect the WAP LAN to the ClearOS LAN. Do not use the router's external interface. In your case the CleaarOS LAN is a VB Internal Network so you have no way of connecting a WAP to it.
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    Tuesday, December 15 2020, 07:08 AM - #Permalink
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    Hi Nick! Thank you for replying on my post. I configured ClearOS as a gateway mode now, but I do have a lot of questions. But here's what I've done so far:
    - I installed ClearOS on a VM VirtualBox with a network configuration of (adapter 1:Bridge adapter, adapter 2: Internal Network)
    - I also installed Ubuntu for testing (adapter 1: Internal network)
    - Then once i finished my setup it shows that on the Network Interfaces tab there is an External (DHCP Type) and a LAN (Static Type) roles
    -Which then I proceed to open up my Ubuntu, configured the ipv4 addresses and put the LAN (Static) role as my gateway
    -Then I installed Application Filter from the marketplace and tried to block Youtube which then works on my Ubuntu. Youtube doesn't load up

    Now here's my questions:
    1. I installed Network Map but it says "Nothing to map - no users configured on the system."
    2. I want to lower the connection speed of my ubuntu but i dont know how, I tried to install Bandwidth and Qos Manager but i don't know on how does it work, or is that even the appropriate app to make my ubuntu connection speed be lowered?
    3. How do you connect your other devices like smartphones wirelessly to your ClearOS gateway? I tried to configure the Ip settings on my smartphone same as to the ubuntu settings which is putting the LAN (Static) role as my gateway, it connected but there's no connection on my smartphone

    My goal on why I installed ClearOS:

    what i've done so far that it does work:
    - block certain websites such as Youtube

    what i wanted to do but doesn't know how:
    - connect some devices to the clearos
    - see all the connected devices wirelessly
    - bandwidth control to lowering the connection speed of a device

    Again, Thank you so much for your time!
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    Monday, December 07 2020, 06:10 PM - #Permalink
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    There is a wealth of documentation at

    Form the sounds of it, you want ClearOS in Gateway mode. You then want the ClearOS External NIC connected to your modem/router and the ClearOS LAN to your LAN. The WAN and LAN must be on separate physical networks and must have separate subnets.
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