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Hi Everyone,

At our company, we have just bought a meraki MX84 for our head office as a replacement for our clearos server, we still have 5 other branches will a clearos server. What is tripping us up is we want to setup a VPN link for each depot and connect it to head office, we did have a OpenVPN link but meraki doesn't support that. And when I've tried to configure the IPsec plugin, but to no luck, and the server doesn't even find the MX84, I believe I have set the correct public IPs. Some help would be appreciated.
Thursday, May 30 2019, 03:24 PM
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    Thursday, May 30 2019, 09:07 PM - #Permalink
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    For the sake of compatibility it may be easier to let the Cisco try to contact ClearOS by IPsec, so the ClearOS end should be set to listen. Keep your ClearOS configurations as simple as possible. Try not to specify any encryption. Libreswan will use a broad set of secure algorithms.

    What configs do you have (the /etc/ipsec.d/*unmanaged*.conf files) and what do the connection logs show? What settings do you have on the Meraki?
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