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Hi there.

I have ClearOS V5.1 community, i have it since 2012 and is awesome, the last week I install FreePBX (Asterix 13) begind the ClearOS everything it's ok using IAX2 or SIP, but since friday i have no sound return, all the internal calls it's Ok, but when I call to a cellphone(Normal telephony) outside , I can't hear what the people say, but they can hear me.

If some resolve this issue before, please help me.

I try with:

I haven't Nat between the ClearOs and the FreePBX.

Thank you very much.

Greetings from Guatemala.
Tuesday, March 28 2017, 10:40 PM

Location [ View Larger Map ],-90.23075899999998&language=en&maptype=roadmap&zoom=5&size=450x300&sensor=true&markers=color:red|label:S|15.783471,-90.23075899999998
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