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Jim Shanks
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So are, I have been unsuccessful in setting up a remote connection to the MariaDB database of our ClearOS 7 Zarafa email server. I have configured a custom rule on the firewall to allow the remote connection from the computer that I want to attach to the database, with port 3308. I have tried to find the correct configuration file in which to put the bind-network = config parameter. Finally settled on server.cnf in the sandbox folder. I can monitor port 3308 on the server with tcpdump and I see the connection trying to come in, but no matter what, it gets denied.

I believe the problem is that I haven't found the correct configuration file. On other systems, I just use the my.cnf in /etc, by ClearOS 7 has a different custom setup and I cannot find it.

Anyone have any experience?
Monday, September 11 2023, 06:34 PM
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    Wednesday, November 15 2023, 07:35 AM - #Permalink
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    Here are a few things to check when troubleshooting accessing MariaDB remotely on a ClearOS system:

    - Double check the firewall rule is allowing connections to port 3308 properly from the source IP. Flush firewall rules to apply changes.

    - MariaDB's configuration is spread across multiple files under /etc/mariadb/conf.d - my.cnf may be overwritten.

    - Try setting bind-address to the LAN IP instead of in a .cnf file under conf.d.

    - Check that mysqld is listening on or the LAN IP by running `netstat -plunt`. If not, it's a config issue.

    - Look for custom ClearOS scripts under /usr/libexec/config that could be overriding MariaDB settings.

    - Make sure MariaDB remote connections are not blocked by SELinux policies.

    - Try connecting via mysql client on the server itself using the LAN IP as a connectivity test.

    - Check mariadb logs for any clues on the rejected connections.

    Since ClearOS heavily customizes things, the standard MariaDB config files and locations may not apply directly. Checking connectivity locally, logs, and scripts specific to ClearOS could help troubleshoot further. geometry dash
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