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In march 2016 the backup of Windows 10 machines worked fine with the rsyncd method before taking the server off-line for use as testserver (and stopped BackupPC).
Not sure of the exact versions of ClearOS 7 and BackupPC.
I assume there have been updates since then to ClearOS and BackupPC because when starting BackupPC again, today, the backup of all Windows machines fails with the message 'no ping response'. No changes where made to the BackupPC configuration.

Current version of ClearOS is 7.2.0 (Final) and BackupPC.x86-64 3.3.1-5.el7
Method: rsyncd
PingCmd: $PingPath -c1 $host

When doing the above ping (as root) from the command line with the hostname all is fine. To me it seems BackupPC does not get access to the command.

When cheating the system (found on the internet) and enter for PingCmd: '/bin/echo', the backup works. So definative something wrong with BackupPC trying to ping.
But I need the ping to check a remote PC is awake and when not execute a script to do a Wakeup On Lan.

Is there an option to downgrade versions and would it be ClearOS and/or BackupPC?
Tuesday, January 31 2017, 06:48 PM
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Wednesday, February 01 2017, 08:29 AM - #Permalink
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Got the backup from Windows machines working by changing the PingCmd to : sudo $PingPath -c1 $host (and adding /bin/ping for backuppc in /etc/sudoers).

Checking on my productionserver with ClearOS 6.7 I noticed that on that machine /bin/ping had the permissions set to: -rwsr-xr-x., while in ClearOS 7.2.0 this is: -rwxr-xr-x.
After changing the permissions in ClearOS 7.2.0 (chmod u=rwxs /bin/ping) BackupPC is working again with the default configuration (PingCmd: $PingPath -c1 $host).

Question remains: Is it preferred for ClearOS 7 to have the permissions of /bin/ping not set with the s bit? In that case BackupPC needs to be integrated accordingly.
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