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Domain Renewal

It is extremely important to renew domains before they expire. Failure to renew a domain can result in loss of ownership! Our system automatically tracks the expiry of all domains in your account. The system sends an e-mail to the contact listed in your account sixty (60) days prior to expiry. Thirty (30) days prior to expiry, an additional e-mail is sent to the administrative contact for the domain.



  • Select the domain and renewal term
  • Confirm your renewal and proceed through the online store checkout


Why Auto-Renew

Enabling the domain/DNS auto-renewal option will help to better protect your domains and ensure uninterrupted service. If you are managing a number of domains, keeping track of expiry dates can become a daunting task. In some cases, an e-mail address used to register a domain or create an account is no longer in use - resulting in missed notifications of an upcoming domain expiry.

How Do I Enable Auto-Renewal?

To enable auto-renew:

  • Login to your ClearCenter account.
  • Click on DNS|DNS/Domain Expiry in the top navigation bar.
  • Click on
  • Select the yes in the Auto-Renew field.

Selecting yes will automatically check your payment options setting. If you are already configured for pre-authorized credit card payment or have sufficient credit terms with ClearCenter, the domain will be set to Auto-Renew. Otherwise, you will be presented with a link that will allow you to set up a method of payment.

When Does a Domain/DNS Renew?

If our system detects that your DNS service or domain registration (or both) will expire in 15 days and the auto-renewal is activated, the appropriate renewal action will then be done automatically. An invoice or receipt will be sent to you, depending on whether you selected pre-authorized credit card payment or renewal on terms of credit.

Warning About Deceptive Marketing Techniques

Some registrars have been known to practice deceptive sales and marketing techniques by sending unsolicited e-mail to domain owners warning of an impending expiry. If you have registered or successfully transferred your domain to your account, you can disregard all e-mail that does not originate from ClearCenter. A sample e-mail warning from our system is shown below.

 Subject: Domain is due to expire

 Dear username,

 Our records indicate the following domain managed under your ClearCenter
 account is due to expire in sixty (60) days:


 Online renewal for up to 10 years is available through your ClarkCenter
 account. Please login at and follow
 the appropriate links. Renewal fees are USD 25.00/domain and include
 re-registration and DNS service for one (1) year. Help is available at Should you have any
 additional questions, please contact us at info
 Thank you,
 Domains @ ClearCenter
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