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Restore Configuration Backup from Command Line

Restoring your Configuration Backup can be easily done from Webconfig. This guide, however, assists in a situation where you only have SSH or Console access to ClearOS. This guide is compatible with versions 6.x and 7.x of ClearOS.

Locate the Configuration Backup file

First you will need to locate the Configuration Backup file you wish to restore from. They are found in this directory: '/var/clearos/configuration_backup/'. You can list all Configuration Backup files found in that directory by executing the following command:

ls /var/clearos/configuration_backup/

Command to restore from Configuration Backup file

You must run the following commands as 'root'.

Define your Configuration Backup file as a variable named 'restorefile'. Replace 'nameoffile.tgz' with the actual name of the file.


Then you can execute the following command:

configuration-restore -f /var/clearos/configuration_backup/${restorefile}

This can take up to five minutes to complete.

Check Progress of Restoration

You can check the progress by executing the following command:

tail -f /var/clearos/framework/tmp/configuration_backup.json
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