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Setting up SSH Access in ClearVM

It is best practice to change the default password for ClearVM to prevent walk-up administration without credentials. At a minimum, please use the 'Change Password' section below to secure your device.

There may be times when you need to get into the underlying OS of your ClearVM server. Perhaps you need to troubleshoot something or even modify something that is not tweak-able in the UI.

SSH is only typically open on the LAN IP address of the host machine. Replace 'LAN_IP' with the IP address below.

Change Password

Changing the default password is best practice. For ease of use for your initial install, the password for ClearVM is already set or not set at all. Please refer to the table below for the default account and password for ClearVM depending on your version:

Version Username Password Example
ClearVM v1 root witsbits ssh root@LAN_IP
ClearVM v2 clearvm ssh clearvm@LAN_IP

To change the password, log into the web management portal and set the password using the 'lock' icon. You can also enable remote access via SSH.

ClearVM 2.0

The walkup password for ClearVM 2.0 and greater is not set. Simply having physical access to the hardware is sufficent access for the troubleshooting requirements of an initial install. After the install, you will want to set the password using the lock icon in the web interface. The username to use at all times is 'clearvm' and if set, you will use the password specified when you created it using the lock icon.

From the 'clearvm' user you can issue commands as root using 'sudo' before the command. You can also switch your terminal session to the root user by issuing the following at the console or shell through SSH:

sudo su -
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