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ClearVM Hardware Requirements

While ClearVM will work with most modern server hardware, there are certain hardware restrictions and limitations. The following will help you select hardware compatible with ClearVM


You can use any 64bit x86 PC with 2GB of RAM and a CPU with virtualization extensions (Intel® VT-x or AMD-V™).

Most CPUs has virtualization extensions, for details see Intel‘s and AMD‘s respective lists of virtualization capable processors.

You may successfully use a CPU that lacks virtualization extensions with Witsbits to host Linux VMs. It will work, but with reduced performance. Windows VMs will however not work without enabled virtualization extensions.


For local storage devices you need a hard drive of at least 20GB. You will also need a disk controller that works with Linux. Alternatively you may use NFS for completely diskless servers. Or any combination of the two.


The following network ports are required to be open in firewall for outgoing traffic: 443/TCP and 873/TCP.

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