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Troubleshooting Remote Backup Service (RBS)

This guide will help you get Remote Backup Services working if they are failing to backup your data.

Health Check


Remote Backup Services (RBS) require functioning DNS resolution to at least the following:



No incoming ports are required for RBS but you will need to communicate outbound to:

  • /

Of particular importance is port 1875 outbound be allowed to proceed unfettered.


The Suva process must be running as well. You can check it with:

service suvad status

If it is not running start it and check it again:

service suvad start && sleep 5 && service suvad status

Finding out what is happening

RBS will output useful information about why it cannot perform a backup to the log files. Check /var/log/messages and /var/log/system for messages from rbs-* and svClient. You can use command line tools to investigate the situation (ie. tail or grep) or the app, Log Viewer to search the logs. (Reports » System » Log Viewer).


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