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Setting a Proxy Server for Webconfig and the ClearOS Marketplace

If you are using ClearOS behind a proxy server and need to register a system, install apps from the marketplace, or install applications via command line, you will need to set up a proxy address for the environment that you are in. For Webconfig and the Marketplace, you will need to set the environment variable in systemd for ClearOS 7. To do this edit the following file from command line:


For example, if your proxy server is '' and the port of the proxy service is http and https, you will need to add the following lines in the [Service] section:


After you run edit this file, you will need to present this data back to the system (or reboot). You can do this by running:

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart webconfig

This will reset Webconfig to use the new proxy settings.

Using yum from command line

The settings for Webconfig and the ClearOS Marketplace only helps you if you are installing apps from Webconfig's Marketplace. If you are using apps via command line, you can export these variables to your own running environment by doing the following in a command prompt preceeding your use of 'yum':

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