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Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful free / libre / open source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine. It is super fast, RESTful, based on Apache Lucene and has a very high activity level:

It is part of “The Elasticsearch ELK Stack”. The two other apps of the stack are:

  • Logstash helps you take logs and other time based event data from any system and store it in a single place for additional transformation and processing.
  • Kibana is Elasticsearch’s data visualization engine, allowing you to natively interact with all your data in Elasticsearch via custom dashboards.

It is also part of WikiSuite (formerly called Tiki Suite)

Assumption: you want to use Elasticsearch for data on a ClearOS instance to index data on the same server (ex.: with WordPress, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, etc.). To have a more advanced setup (ex.: a cluster), please refer to the Elasticsearch documentation.

This will later be added to the marketplace. For now, you can install the app via command line: (from that page, you can also install Kibana)

  • Setup monitoring (Especially how much RAM it is using)
  • Add support for Elasticsearch to index Flexshares (and make available to apps such as Tiki, etc.)
Long term
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