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Howto and Knowledgebase Template

To make changes to the title to match exactly what you want the title to be read as by the indexer. The indexers will use the title above as the authoritative name for the article. This paragraph should contain information about the general overview of the topic.


These sections are the body of your document

Creating a Document from Scratch

To create a document from scratch, simply navigate to the name that you would like to entitle the document. For example, if I wanted to create a document that is a knowledgebase howto document on penguins you could navigate to the following url:

This will show you a page that may need to be created.

If you see this page, you can start editing it with new content by clicking the pencil icon with the '+' symbol. Be sure to include the proper keywords mechanisms located in this template to ensure that it is properly indexed in the various menus. If there is a particular menu in which you would like to see your article appear, please look at the comments within that menu to understand the basic search terms required.


Each document must have a keywords reference. This is hidden from normal view but is mandatory for both search engine optimization (SEO) and for the indexers. If your article is associated with an app name, you will use 'app-appname' for the keyword. If your article is associated to a version of clearos, you will use 'clearos7' to designate it. You will also need to associate your name as a maintainer for the document. You will use 'maintainer_username' for the keyword.

Articles can have multiple keywords if the article is applicable to multiple things. For example, a howto that is also a bestpractices guide could be labeled with both:

howto, bestpractices

An article that works for both ClearOS 6 and ClearOS 7 would be labeled:

clearos6, clearos7

An example for the syntax is given below in the code.

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