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Page Data

In order to provide flexibility with page layout, every page view in webconfig includes a standard set of data values. This lets you put page elements in the header, footer, sidebar or wherever you choose.

General Information


The hostname of the system. For those who manage multiple ClearOS systems, it is nice to have a quick way to see the name of the system.


The required layout requested by the page. There are three types of page layouts that must be handled by your theme:

  • default: a standard webconfig page
  • splash: a simple splash page (login, proxy access denied)
  • wizard: the page layout used by wizards


The operating system name (e.g. ClearOS Enterprise)


The operating system version (e.g. 6.0)


A boolean flag that indicates the registration status.


The page title.

The menu structure is also part of the page data. The data structure will be documented at a later time.

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