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Dynamic VPN

The Dynamic VPN app is an extension to ClearOS's IPSec VPN app. The service allows IPSec to be used in situations where either one or both of the gateways are on a dynamic IP address issued by the ISP or in cases where instability using unmanaged IPSec tunnels exists. This service is also ideal for those not familiar with the IPSec protocol - making setting up IPSec tunnels between ClearOS systems as simple as entering a secure passphrase and selecting systems from a drop down list.

This service is currently available only in making tunnels between ClearOS systems - it does not assist in creating tunnels between ClearOS and 3rd party implementations of the IPSec protocol (i.e. other security devices).

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Version 6

Documentation for ClearOS 6 can be found here.

Version 7

Documentation for ClearOS 7 can be found here.

Additional Notes

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