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ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Service Pack 1

From time to time, Service Packs are released with all the latest updates and bug fixes included. If you have the original release or an older service pack installed, there is no need to re-install or upgrade! All you need to do is visit the Software Updates page in webconfig to install all the available updates.

Release Information

Release Date

ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Service Pack 1 was released March 5, 2010.



  • Chart legend missing in reports Tracker #1
  • Protocols with dashes in their names are not blocked Tracker #5
  • Firewall restart does not regenerate all intrusion detection policies Tracker #20
  • Default configuration for “wide links” Tracker #23
  • PPPoE reconfiguration may fail due to underlying network card settings Tracker #26
  • Console may fail to connect to localhost:82 Tracker #31

Release Notes

The full release notes for ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 can be found here.


Downloads are available on the downloads page.

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