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ClearOS 7.2.0 Community Final Release Information

Released: 7 March 2015

ClearOS 7.2.0 Final is here!

ClearOS version 7.2 is primarily a maintenance and bug fix release. There are some general improvements to the wizard and minor features throughout please see the changelog for more detailed information

New Upstream Features Include

  • Support for LVM caching
  • Improved VM Support

ClearOS 7 features a Community, Home, and Business version. All versions of ClearOS will install from the same install image. You will be required to select your version during the initial setup wizard after your first boot.

Change Log

The full changelog can be found here:

Known Issues

  • Samba 4 Directory (Still, very much in beta)


Please post your feedback in the ClearOS 7.2 Final Discussion Forum.


ISO Images

64-bit Full816 MB b4da8ffa10945e4d95478edb32f7a3dd9691f9a6c6d7820b1ffa346f6eb6a878
64-bit Net Install370 MB a7c75eefd626d6f2a1f1886b6582552164e5b2a77e89389870c287840639734f

Virtual Machine and Cloud Images

Virtual Machine and Cloud Images are not yet available for this release.

Upgrade from Earlier ClearOS Community 6.x Releases

There is no supported method yet from upgrading from ClearOS 6 to ClearOS 7.

Upgrade from Earlier ClearOS Community 7.x Releases

Upgrades from 7.1.0 on properly running systems will happen automatically. To manually upgrade from ClearOS 7.1.0 or to validate that you are at the latest version run:

yum update
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